Our study will be Disciple Fast Track. It is ideal for busy people who want to fit a comprehensive Bible study into their schedules. We will engage the whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.
Naturally the primary text is the Bible. There is an excellent “Resource Book”  for the student. As in the past the class will be at 9:00 AM Tuesday mornings.   An orientation presentation is scheduled for September 10th with classes starting September the 17th.
To register, fill in the registration form at Connection Point in the Narthex. More info is also available there as well as from the class leader, Roger Higgins, 828-595-9538. 
  • Daily reading and study
  • Weekly small group meetings
  • Video presentation by noted Biblical Scholars

Transformational Benefits

  • Understanding the Word
  • Develop daily study habits
  • Find a Christian family
  • Grow confidence in witness
  • Develop leadership