Our study will be Disciple-“Under The Tree Of Life. It is probably less intense than Disciple in preparation time it is a thorough and complete approach.
We offer this change of pace to those who might be intimidated by the more complex Disciple program or have been reluctant to make the commitment necessary. It is an excellent beginning step for those who may not have undertaken a long term study, but is still deep enough for committed. “Bible Scholars”.
Naturally the primary text is the Bible. There is an excellent “Resource Book”  for the student. The cost is $40.00 . As in the past the class will be at 9:00 AM Tuesday mornings.   An orientation presentation is scheduled for September 11th.
To register fill in the attached form and return it to the church office. Sign Up sheets will also be available at the Connection Point in the Narthex. The Connection Point will also have an outline of the contents of the class and a brief introduction from the “Resource Book”. You may also enroll online www.etowahumc.org.
For additional information: Roger Higgins 828-890-3367.


Classes will be offered at 9:00 a.m. each Tuesday beginning on September 18th.
  • Daily reading and study
  • Weekly small group meetings
  • Video presentation by noted Biblical Scholars

Transformational Benefits

  • Understanding the Word
  • Develop daily study habits
  • Find a Christian family
  • Grow confidence in witness
  • Develop leadership